​These days are not good,,

These days are not fine,,

I am lost in the darkness of the deepest evil,,

A growing devil in me,,

I scream I cry,,,

The sounds can’t reach you though,,

Sounds of my heart crying,,

Praying ; begging,,,,

A redeeming I aspire,,,

All around a void of black,,

Black getting darker,,

My tears blood red,,

Every second I shed,,

Nightmares of the biggest fear,,,,

My nights are no more peaceful,,

I grow awful,,

I grow old ; I grow sorrowful

Can you not see the tears of blood rolling down my cheeks,,

Can you not hear my scream of the most uncertain silence,,,

Can you not see I stand alone in the dark looking for a handful of bright???

Sometimes I don’t utter the obvious,,

I expect you to take a ferry to my fears,my tears,,,

I sometimes expect you to look what is not visible,,

Certain pains ,,certain thoughts creating a hole,,

A blackhole Strong enough to dissolve me,,

A magnetic force driving inwards distorting my parts ,,

A handful of you might restore me to the original  

A lameless blameless world ,,

A serene silence,,
A glimpse of a second of you,,

A summary of you creating a new me,,,

I lie distorted & disintegrated ………

I explain my heart not to expect,,

A painful regret,,

I do not direct ,, i do not aim you ,,

A baffling me demands your hopes inspite of illegality of the originality,,,

I grow morose & UN seemingly glum,,

I can’t deal with this phase ,,,

It’s not moving it’s still,,

It’s not dying,, it’s living in me,,,

I can elaborate the need ,,

That my heart desires…